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Process Expertise | Direct Sales

Direct selling is a dynamic sales and distribution channel of rapid growth. Its development has contributed to strengthening the economies of the various countries in which they are implemented, by marketing products and services directly to final customers.

It is done through an explanation or demonstration of such goods or services by an independent sales force.

Its main focus is selling the following products:

  • Beauty.

  • Personal care.

  • Cleaning.

  • Fashion accessories.

  • Footwear / Apparel.

  • Household goods / household items.

  • Food supplements.


The Challenge

The level of dynamism and competition in the market has generated the need to redefine key aspects such as:

  • The strategies of retention and increased average “ticket”.

  • Profitability for the sales consultants and attractiveness to the consumer of the “catalog" of products.

  • The level of service required for each segment of the sales consultant (Delivery and Service).

  • Method to forecast demand and keep inventories under control.

  • The credit as enabler for the sale.



  • Sales consultant segmentation based on frequency and purchase volume.

  • Collection system based on increased profitability for the sales consultants aimed at the financing segment.

  • Design a system of bonuses and commissions.

Credit and collection

  • Redesign of portfolio management.

  • Model of billing and variable compensation to collectors.

  • Financing models by segment.

Working Capital

  • Policies for inventory management, parameter control, purchase agreement, obsolescence, profitability and settlements.

  • Web strategy to attract orders as a means of liquidation.


  • Model of cargo distribution and consolidation.

  • Redesign and modernization of preparation of orders, distribution, routing software and “handheld”.


  • Synchronization of marketing, commercial, communications and supply processes.

  • Implementation of best practices in the estimation process.

  • Committee on S&OP (Sales & Operations).

Call Center

  • Specialization of customer service agents.

  • Model of Active Supervision and Quality Control.

  • Automatic Care System (IVR).



  • Increased retention, recovery and reactivation of sales consultants.

  • Attracting new Sales Consultants.

  • Increased motivation to have a better allocation of bonuses and commissions expenses.

Credit and collection

  • Decreased portfolio days.

  • Reducing the punishment of bad portfolio

Working Capital

  • Increased margin.

  • Review the portfolio, increasing profitability.

  • Lower total inventory and slow moving inventory.


  • Optimization of delivery routes.

  • Increased productivity in order picking.


  • Increased assertiveness of the forecast of the sales campaigns.

  • Reduction of annual purchase requirement and supply logistics costs.

Call Center

  • Increased service rate in the Call Center (Answer Rate).

  • Increased productivity of service agents.

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-Hermann Kruse, CEO, Avon (Costa Rica), ROI 4 to 1


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