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Financial Services

  • Insurances Companies

    Ensuring the population’s health has practically become mandatory in many countries and as a result, there are mandatory temporary systems that withhold a portion of the employee’s paycheck to ensure their health and another portion to ensure a pension for retirement. The most common challenges faced within the industry require changes such as restructuring the internal processes and information systems to provide appropriate decision-making, with the objective of remaining competitive in the market.


  • Banking

    The banking industry faces important challenges in the face of a new reality resulting from:

    Globalization, which puts downward pressure on intermediation margins.
    Increased competition, with multiple credit options for the customer.
    The hyper-connectivity of the user with multiple platforms.
    The fact that now more than ever money has become a "commodity", where service flexibility is a determining factor in placement.
    Consequently, companies must adjust their business model.