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Automotive Dealer


The automotive industry in a globalized world faces different challenges in order to offer customers an excellent service experience during the sales process as well as during the post sales stage.

The efficiency of the processes is a main factor in guaranteeing that satisfactory experience for the customer in the Sales Showroom as well as at the Service Center.

What can we do for you?


  • Creation of commercial strategies.

  • Standardized customer service model at the showroom.

  • Active supervision on sales executives and monitoring of key indicators: calls, customer traffic, test drives, estimates/quotes.

  • Creation of data base for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

  • Monitoring of the sales funnel, as well as the pipeline of the status of the units from their purchase up to when it is delivered to the customer.


  • Increase in traffic at the showroom.

  • Improvement in the commercial sales funnel proactively by the sales agent while identifying the conversion rates.

  • Improvement in the customer’s experience during the visit where they get to fully know the vehicle.

  • Obtain key information that allows us to strengthen our relationship with the customers.

  • Weekly monitoring of the sales consultants’ performance as well as the status of the deals with the customers.


  • Standardized customer service model promoting sales (upselling).

  • Redesign of the flow of vehicles identified according to the type of service.

  • Appointment management model.

  • Predictive tool of the service window according to the average mileage.

  • Design of the customer service program.

  • Measurement of productivity of the service shop resources.


  • Increase in sales at front and backcounter.

  • Increase in technicians’ productivity.

  • Increase in customer satisfaction.

  • Decrease in delivery times.

  • Increase in traffic at the service center.

  • Improvement in fulfillment of active appointments.

  • Increase in hours billed.

  • Improvement in the ratio of hours billed vs. clocked.


  • Definition of Lay Out and inventory reliability at the warehouse

  • Commercial management at front counter.


  • Management system to eliminate backorders and reduce the potential of obsoletes at the warehouse.


  • Definition of optimal payroll.

  • Compensation diagram.


  • Increase in profitability by focusing the compensation system on the company’s key factors.

Our customers

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  • “We recognize London’s professionalism and capacity to adapt to our business, and such strength has been a key factor for the project’s success...”

    Ricardo Roux | Executive VP FASA (Panama) ROI 3 to 1


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