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Retail Industry

  • Restaurant Chains - Franchises

    The main challenge for the sector is to renew its strategy and image while dealing with the changes in consumer demand for new food experiences. Changes in people's habits, as well as an increase in the middle class, have driven the growth of fast food and casual dining.


  • Supermarkets

    The profitability of supermarkets points to the optimization of category management, human resources (cashiers, gondoliers, stockers, etc.), supplier management, planogram redesign, demand planning, shrink control, and warehouse management, among others. The consumer will continue to be influenced by advertising and in-store merchandising, generating an impact on impulse purchases, while triggering decision-making at the point of sale.


  • Convenience Stores

    The success of retail stores is mainly based on profitability through optimal category management, product negotiation and purchasing, inventory management, sales force productivity and efficient store operations. The main challenge for retailers is to ensure the profitability of each of the points of sale.