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Macro manufacturing

  • Shipyards Construction and Maintenance

    Many of the tasks and conditions associated with shipbuilding, maintenance and repair operations haven't changed. The labour requirements of this activity are very evident, therefore the coordination of the planning and control functions are essential to avoid cost overruns and impact on the level of service expected by customers.


  • Manufacturers and Food Processors

    Manufacturing companies are challenged with constantly verifying their processes to ensure operational efficiency, optimize costs, ensure product quality and achieve service excellence. We identify and correct risk factors, such as not having planning aligned to the demand and purchases of raw materials, the possible underutilization of machinery or overproduction, lack of definition of adequate amount of human resources, inadequate floor control, lack of maintenance planning, lack of control in quality assurance, among other factors.


  • Textile

    Globalization has increased the commercialization of fabrics and apparel. Our customers face increasing pressures on their operations, personnel and profitability. The pressures have resulted in consolidation that leaves less room for mid-market operators to survive. To solve this situation, focus on operational efficiency and implement defensive strategies that will make your business stand out from the rest.