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Agribusiness, Aquaculture and Fishing

  • Poultry

    The constant fluctuations in sales prices in this sector generate high competitiveness. Companies must seek to differentiate themselves by keeping products below cost and of high quality. Efficient coordination of all production phases is required, whether for the production of chicken meat or eggs for consumption. One of the main challenges is to break with the paradigm that farm productivity depends only on external factors.


  • Sugar

    Considering the variations in the price of sugar worldwide and production volumes that exceed local consumption, sugar companies are constantly seeking to improve their overall performance of the operation and lower their costs. We have collaborated with several sugar mills that seek to reduce their costs, ensuring the highest quality of their products and increasing the efficiency of their processes both in the field and in the factory.


  • Fishing

    Profitability in fishing companies depends to a large extent on productivity by vessel type and efficiency in the operation of dockside processes, regardless of the conditions of nature at sea. These companies must efficiently manage their fleet to obtain the best profitability on each trip and take advantage of the synergies between them to support the achievement of the desired catch.


  • Dairy

    Demand for milk and dairy products in developing countries is growing as a result of rising incomes, population growth, urbanization and changing diets. Volatility in product prices, high production costs and even more stringent environmental standards are some of the challenges that companies in the dairy processing industry face today. To gain a competitive advantage, our customers focus on seeking to be as efficient and competitive as possible in a sustainable manner.