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Service Stations


Service stations are a fundamental part of companies focused on the processing, marketing, storage and distribution of petroleum products.

In order to compete in the market, it is essential to have a reliable operator with recognized quality and service standards. To achieve this, it is necessary to reduce fuel shortages, control product inventory, measure the level of fuel for sale, standardize service at all stations, have an effective preventive maintenance plan, generate operating procedures, follow up on daily sales and have an active supervision model. All this must be based on effective, productive and low-cost organizational structures.


Service Stations

  • Definition of a business model (dealer-owned, dealer-operated, company-owned, company-operated, etc).
  • Definition of service model (full service vs. self-service) by service, chain, city and country.
  • Evaluation of stations in key points: inventory management, store, points of contact with customers and security to guarantee customer service.
  • Training and coaching dealers or chain stations.
  • Design of cross-selling strategies.
  • Design of inventory coverage systems that calculate the daily needs of the stations.
  • Model and system of work orders for maintenance.
  • Follow-up on weekly and station expense budgets.
  • Evaluation of contractors through the measurement of response times and service.
  • Increased profitability and sales.
  • Decrease in lost sales.
  • Increase in the service level.
  • Improved image and customer service.
  • Decrease in inventory variations.
  • Control of station profitability.
  • Sustainability of work systems and continuous improvement of processes.
  • Expense control.


  • Creation of suggested order tools.
  • Order scheduling prioritizing according to coverage levels.
  • Service level agreements and definition.
  • Increased transportation utilization.
  • Decrease in equipment and maintenance costs.
  • Improved service level to internal and external customers.

"We would like to acknowledge the commitment and professionalism of London Consulting Group. Their methodology promotes the involvement and commitment of all levels within the organization and ensures a long-term impact on savings as well as in the work systems.”

President Petrosur