Our Team in USA West


   Daniel Campos

    CEO USA West at London Consulting Group

As CEO and Founder of London Consulting Group in USA West, my role is to ensure the success of every project we undertake together with our clients. At London, we specialize in process improvement, revenue growth and bottom-line efficiencies for Fortune 500, private-equity and family-owned companies. Client engagements include operations consulting and organizational development, engagements in business strategy, food manufacturing, food safety, IT / ERP / Business Intelligence, and automation of production including SCADA, MES and OEE.


Meet our Business Shapers


Marlene última versión-1

Marlene Kellenberger

Operations Director


Laurent Menard

Business Development Director

Alberto Aguilar

Alberto Aguilar

Project Manager and Customer Success Leader

Javier Carranza

Javier Carranza

Food Safety Leader


Cesar Von Sternefels

Data Analytics Leader


Ramon Carrasco

Assessment Director


Juan Carlos Martinez

Assessment Director

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Phone: +1 (949) 679-8585

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