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Measure your Potential

Process Expertise | Management Information Systems (Dashboards)

One of the foundations for process improvement is the measurement of results: “what is not measured cannot be controlled”.

The organizations that seek to define, organize and analyze the metrics they implement are faced with multiple alternatives in the automation of the collection and representation of data.

London Consulting helps its clients in the definition of indicators and in the processes of panel and Business Intelligence (BI) systems implementation, including areas from operation to strategy.

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The Challenge

The successful implementation of an indicator system in the organization implies a process of alignment in the operation, the objectives and indicators of each department. The projects that do not include aspects such as change management and best practices statistical analysis suffer failures when establishing base periods and objectives and when ensuring the metrics are used to reach the objectives of each department.

The leaders of our customer’s organizations face the challenge of managing a project that requires us to set foundations for a management culture in which each individual receives a group of indicators for which they are accountable for. The projects also have a technological component that requires a detailed analysis of data sources, calculation methods and the management of the hardware and software supplier services.


  • Analysis of the structure of information.

  • Definition of the pyramid of indicators.

  • Construction of indicators by area with base periods and objectives.

  • Definition of platform / tool to use in the Indicator Panel.

  • Culture of analysis for each position, generating status cause and action plan for each indicator.

  • Indicator-based operational meetings, ensuring timely feedback in the area.


  • Visibility to monitor compliance to strategic and operational objectives.

  • Ease in obtaining information.

  • Alignment of measurements with the strategy.

  • Timely performance measurement by position and process.

  • Promotes teamwork and increases productivity in the employees of the organization.

  • Management culture promoting continuous improvement.

Our customers


“We developed with London Consulting Group, a project called “Commercial Dashboard” aimed to the Design and Implementation of the Commercial Indicators Control Dashboard, seeking to reduce administrative activities and facilitating decision making for the management and operations of the company ...the objectives of the project have exceeded our expectations.”

- Ricardo Rivera, Vice-president of Trade, Marketing and Sales, Sony (Puerto Rico).


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