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Shipyards Construction and Maintenance

Many of the tasks and conditions associated with the operation of construction, maintenance and repair of vessels today remain the same as when the first keel was laid thousands of years ago.

The massive need for labor in this activity is very evident, thus coordinating the planning and control of functions are essential to avoid excess costs and disruption in the level of service expected by the customers.

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Manufacturers and Food Processors

Manufacturing companies face the challenge of constantly having to verify their processes to ensure operational efficiency, optimize costs, ensure the product’s quality and achieve excellence in service.

We identify and correct risk factors such as not having a plan that matches the demand and raw material purchases, the possible under-use of machinery or overproduction, lack of definition of the adequate amount of human resources, inadequate floor control, lack of maintenance planning, and lack of control in quality assurance among other factors.

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Globalization has increased the commoditization of kitting and garment manufacturing. Our clients face ever-increasing pressures on their operations, staff and profitability.

The pressures have resulted in consolidation that leaves less room for middle-market operators to survive.

The solution? Execute at the highest level. Focus on operational efficiencies, implement defence strategies that will see your company rise above others, and use the additional cash to invest in growth.

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Other Manufacturers Industries


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