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Transform your organization's data into effective decisions


In today's fast-paced business environment, access to technology doesn't always guarantee desired outcomes. A common challenge faced by companies is the absence of current and trustworthy information. This deficiency leads to inadequate data control, fragmented systems, and decisions often reliant on intuition or hearsay due to the absence of structured, dependable data. Many organizations grapple with comprehending available data, its analysis, interpretation, and optimal utilization for informed decision-making.


of companies don’t make their data accessible to their employees




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At London Consulting Group
we propel Your organization
towards becoming data-driven

We comprehend your daily operations through generated information, empowering agile and effective decision-making both internally and externally.We implement technological tools to prevent the creation of unreliable or delayed data.


How we transform your organization so that it embraces the future of data

We specialize in customized solutions seamlessly integrating into your organizational context. Initiating with a thorough analysis of your processes, we provide training for proficiency with new information tools. Our consultants are committed to optimizing your organization's technological capacities. Collaborating closely with your team, we develop personalized dashboards and reports, facilitating precise measurement of success.


Our analytics, data and BI
transformation process

Deep-dive Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your organization's present state, assessing the advancement levels of your internal processes, analytical capabilities, culture, and infrastructure from technological, analytical, and talent standpoints.

How we do it

Maturity model surveys: Assessing technological, analytical, and management capabilities through our specialized surveys.

Information flow analysis: Detailed departmental and process analyses to identify collected information, whether digital or manual, and its utilization.

Systems utilization: Ensuring processes supported by software are effectively executed within these systems.


We closely collaborate with your staff to devise solutions and delineate each department's role within the organization. This collaborative process facilitates the identification of key success factors and indicators. Furthermore, we offer training to empower your employees in interpreting these indicators, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

Problem Definition

Conducting design sprint workshops: Engaging departments and stakeholders in collaborative design sprint sessions to ideate and strategize.

Implementing indicator pyramids: Deploying structured indicator pyramids at strategic, tactical, and operative levels for comprehensive performance evaluation.

Discovery Phase

Indicator matrix establishment: Creating a structured matrix for organizing and managing key performance indicators (KPIs) efficiently.

Identifying comprehensive KPI data sources: Identifying diverse data sources to compile comprehensive Key Performance Indicators covering overall sales, region-specific sales, vendor analysis, customer insights, etc.

Data quality validation procedures: Implementing validation procedures to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data used in generating KPIs.

Agile Solution Development

Data journey involves: the development of a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate seamless cleaning, storage, extraction, transformation, aggregation, and modeling of raw data. The outcome is impactful visualizations that provide a comprehensive lens for interpreting various business dynamics.

Go-Live Phase

User validation and access clearance: Verifying and granting authorized access for accepting users, ensuring secure and appropriate data access.

Training sessions: Delivering comprehensive training sessions focused on utilizing digital dashboards effectively, empowering users with proficient dashboard navigation and utilization skills.

Cultural Integration

Data discovery and mining: Facilitating the exploration and extraction of valuable insights from available data sources to uncover meaningful patterns and trends.

Developing analytical capabilities: Empowering stakeholders and users with the skills to interpret indicators effectively, fostering informed decision-making based on comprehensive data analysis.

Information Management Model

Comprehensive data analysis strategy: Formulating an all-inclusive strategy tailored for effective data analysis, encompassing collection, processing, and interpretation methodologies.

Fostering user commitment: Cultivating commitment among users toward embracing the new business model, ensuring enthusiastic participation and adoption.

Defining roles and responsibilities: Clearly delineating roles and responsibilities within the model, ensuring clarity and accountability among stakeholders.


Database structure: Providing detailed documentation outlining the architecture and structure of the database, ensuring clarity and understanding.

Data model relationships: Defining and illustrating the relationships between different data models, enabling a comprehensive understanding of data interactions.

Contextual explanation: Offering a contextual explanation elucidating the relevance and significance of business dashboards within the Power BI environment, aiding users in understanding their business implications.


We offer comprehensive technical support services encompassing the maintenance and enhancement of existing dashboards, development of new indicators, integration with new data sources, creation of sophisticated data models, implementation of complex calculations, and visualization through graphs.


Enable your organization to adapt
to market and industry changes

Collaboratively, we build an information ecosystem integrating business intelligence and analytics tools, nurturing a data-centric analysis culture. This approach empowers your team to discover, interpret, analyze, and enhance decision-making abilities, enabling the capitalization of opportunities and fostering transformative change within your organization.

What makes us different

Tailor-made solutions: Implementation of bespoke solutions precisely aligned with your unique business requirements and objectives.

Agile tool adoption: Ensuring rapid and seamless adoption of new tools by your personnel, promoting ease of integration and utilization.

Maximized technological capabilities: Optimization and enhancement of your organization’s technological potential for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Collaborative dashboard development: Engaging in collaborative efforts with your personnel to develop dashboards and reports, identifying and incorporating essential metrics for accurate measurement.

Cultivating data-focused culture: Establishing a culture within your organization that emphasizes and effectively harnesses the power of data for informed decision-making and strategic advancements.


Towards a global data culture

Mastering data management and data quality have been identified as the two most important trends in the past six years, according to BARC Surveys reports. Similarly, establishing a data-driven culture has gained prominence since it was first introduced in Trend Monitor in 2019 as the second most important trend. It is followed by data management, data discovery and visualization, and self-service analytics. These top five trends give organizations the foundations to effectively manage and use high-quality data. It shows that organizations are prioritizing the use of data for decision-making rather than simply just collecting it. 

Top Business Intelligence Trends 2023:What 1,823 BI Professionals Really Think 

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