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Transform your organization's data into effective decisions

In today's fast-paced business world, having access to technology doesn’t always equate to achieving the expected results. One of the obstacles companies face is not having up-to-date and reliable information.

This leads to poor control over data, disconnected systems, and decisions based on intuition, experience or rumor in the absence of reliable and organized data. Many organizations don’t know what data is available, how to analyze it, interpret it and use it effectively in order to make better decisions.


of companies don’t make their data accessible to their employees




of data is not accessible
to employees


of business data
is not used

At London Consulting Group
we transform YOur organization

into a data-driven one

Get your organization to fully understand the operations using the information generated on a daily basis. This information enables you to capitalize on opportunities and to make more effective decisions both inside and outside your organization in a more agile and simple way. We help you avoid creating unreliable and delayed data through the implementation of appropriate technological tools.


How we transform your organization to embrace the future of data

We implement customized solutions that work within your organization. At the beginning of the project, we carry out an in-depth analysis of your processes which allows us to provide training that enables you to manage new information tools with agility. Our consultants are 100% focused on maximizing your organization’s technological capabilities, working hand in hand with you and your personnel to generate personalized dashboards and reports which will allow you to measure success.


Our analytics, data and BI
transformation process


We analyze your organization’s current situation and identify how developed your internal processes, analytical capabilities, culture and infrastructure are from a technological, analytical, and talent perspective.

How we do it
  • • Our Maturity Model surveys assess your technological, analytical and management capabilities.
  • Information flow analysis by department and processes enable us to identify what information is collected digitally and manually, and how it is used.
  • Systems utilization for the processes that are supported by software ensure these are executed well.


We immerse ourselves with your employees to create solutions and define each department's purpose within the organization. This enables us to establish key success factors and key indicators. Furthermore, we train your employees so that they can interpret the indicators themselves for better decision-making.

Defining the problem
  • Carrying out design sprint workshops with the departments and stakeholders.
  • Implementing Indicator Pyramids at a strategic, tactical, and operative level.
  • Indicator Matrix.
  • Data sources for the KPI's that consider the overall sales, sales by region, country, state, city, vendors, customers, etc.
  • Data quality identification and validation.
Agile solution development
  • Data consumption, development of KPI's in Business Intelligence and developing graphs through: Power BI, Snowflake Scheme, Data Model, DAX, SQL, Gateway, DASTO Security.
Go - Live
  • Validating and accepting users.
  • Providing training on digital dashboards and publishing.
  • Data discovery and data mining. 
  • Developing analytical capabilities in the stakeholders and users so that they can interpret the indicators and be able to capitalize on opportunities and make better decisions
Information Management Model
  • Data analysis strategy.
  • Commitment to the new business model.
  • Defining roles and responsibilities.
  • Database structure.
  • Relationships between data models.
  • Explaining the context of the business dashboards on Power BI.


We provide technical support for existing and new dashboards, development of new indicators, connections to new sources, data models, calculations and graphs.


Enable your organization to adapt to changes
in the market and the industry

Create an information ecosystem with business intelligence and analytics tools, as well as a data-centric analysis culture that allows you to discover, interpret, analyze and enhance your personnel's decision-making abilities. This allows you to capitalize on opportunities and to transform your organization. 

What makes us different
  • • We implement solutions that are tailor-made to your business. 
  • We get your personnel to adopt new tools in an agile way.
  • We maximize your organization’s technological capabilities.
  • We develop dashboards and reports in conjunction with your personnel in order to determine what needs to be measured.
  • We create a data-focused culture within your organization.


Towards a global data culture

Mastering data management and data quality have been identified as the two most important trends in the past six years, according to a BARC Surveys* reports. Similarly, establishing a data-driven culture has gained prominence since it was first introduced in Trend Monitor in 2019 as being the second most important trend. It is followed by data management, data discovery and visualization, and self-service analytics. These make the top 5 trends.

These top five trends give organizations the foundations that they need to effectively manage and use high-quality data. It shows that organizations are prioritizing the use of data for decision-making rather than simply just collecting it.

*Top Business Intelligence Trends 2023:What 1,823 BI Professionals Really Think.

BEGIN your organization’s
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